Tuesday, July 7, 2015

CHANEL haute couture fall 2015-6

Karl stands alone, whether it is in ready to wear or couture. He is the savviest of businessmen. In a world of hype with usually very little to back it up, there stands Karl and probably the only other person who can stand beside him is Giorgio Armani. Both do what they do and laugh at the rest.

CHANEL Haute Couture is a walk in the park for the designer. There is nothing here that screams new and just about everything will find a client. Even though these clothes will never see a store rack, they are, for the most part, hugely commercial except they are of the most precious workmanship, fabrication and undeniably wearable. Yes, there are some blocky if not klutzy looking styles but who cares.

As a whole this is 100% pure and unadulterated CHANEL. There is no stepping out on a limb here or testing the waters; these are what keep the brand at the top of its game. If one wanted to take a slightly less complimentary point of view, one might say that this was Karl doing Chanel with is eyes closed. 

One might also possibly think that Karl is bored. Again, no matter how you slice it ... this will probably be the best selling collection of any Haute Couture maison with the largest clientele.

With all that being said... who can really find fault? Even if he did have an severe attack of epaulette!