Monday, April 13, 2009


So my mind has been filled with so many questions and observations since the collections have ended in Paris.....So here goes with some random stream which maybe someone might answer.or explain ...When did it suddenly become the right thing to do-- when a CEO leads their company down the road to lo$$---and then is rewarded with a substantially higher compen$ation package for having done so !!!! What have a I missed ......Poor Christian Lacroix is looking for investors..according to the Wall Street Journal..since Saks and Neimans didn't place fall orders---I am supposing that if one cannot ship their merchandise "on wheels" then one is out of the picture ----sad but true I think .
And with the growing 'recession" "pullback of spending " why is it thaat manufacturers and stores are realizing that good old fashioned merchants are whats needed after the math has been done ....merchants seems to be the missing part of the equation since today's buyers and DMM's and GMM's are nothing more than numbers crunchers and negotiators