Tuesday, May 17, 2022

GUCCI Resort 2023

Well, all the pseudo intellect is in tact but apparently the bag of tricks is empty. With all the gimmicks and overloaded accessories omitted, you are left with the one fact that most have known since the day this ass started his tenure at Gucci... he is NOT a designer nor does he have a clue about what it takes to be one.

Who is the audience?  Where is the aspiration? What does anyone want to look thick or like a runaway inflated float from the Thanksgiving Day parade. The images tell the story far better than my words. This is one of those ... Hello Zara... this one is for you if you want it as I   don’t think even H&M or Forever 21 will be interested.

It’s a school project gone awry!

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Wednesday, May 11, 2022


 AUGURI Valentino Garavani... THE CHIC, as dubbed by the illustrious John Fairchild, Valentino lived the life of his customer.. glamorous , stylish, urbane, impeccably turned out at all times...

he is one of the last of a breed that no longer exists.... Happy 90!!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Chanel resort 2023

Where to start? Well, any seasoned fashionphile will immediately think of Karl’s tour de force shows at the Lido BUT this iteration of resort is in no way related to that other than sand and surf and of course, the absence of Karl or for that matter a competent designer who couldn’t find more visuals that speak to the location other than mostly car racing.

For starters, where is the glamour we all think of when we think of Monte Carlo, Princess Grace, gambling, money and excess? None of that can be seen here! Here we have gas station jockeys in coveralls, baseball caps, jogging pants, a tennis sweater, printed tees and a whole lot of exceedingly generic looking clothes that are made to be recognizably Chanel by adding some logos, tweeds, oddball accessories or buttons.

The photos speak for themselves, her exit at the end speaks for herself as ... do I really have to go out there? She should be jubilant she is employed by the largest most successful privately owned label that the entire world of fashion looked to season after season and yet her body language tells us it’s a drudge for her to present a collection.

There is no common thread, no cohesion here ... it’s just pieces ... a jacket here, a dress there and dare I say, whip out your old Pearl Nippon and get a bright colored Chanel logo belt and presto you’re chic...........NOT! A granny jacket with tap shorts or jogging pants is not the story of Chanel but for Virginie, it apparently is with no explanation. What was the bib fixation? Where was the swimwear? Where was the glamour, the luxe?

Rant over ... I’m done in and for me there is no excuse valid enough for this pile.

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Tuesday, May 3, 2022


And so, one more time, that once elegant evening at the Metropolitan Museum of Art benefitting the Costume Institute has taken place again. Yes, it used to be in December and yes, it used to bring out the best of the best when it came to guests and yes it was a night to remember for all who attended whether for dinner or the “after party” which was the most fun of the evening even for those who sat for the dinner!

Sadly Ms. Wintour has turned this fairy tale night into a circus for D-list celebrities, wannabes, designers, never will-bes for the most part and least of all for the creme de la creme of those who really support the institute. It was insult enough when the ass kissing museum copped to name the Institute after Wintour, who clearly should have shown that she was indeed a lady and refused it and told the world that the Institute should bear the name of Diana Vreeland who turned the Institute into something to be reckoned with and turned the museum on its ear with Thomas Hoving!

So here you have the Cremora of Kreme or name that somebody... anybody and then ask why are they dressed like that?  Welcome to the debacle of fashion!


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