Monday, November 18, 2013

Harbingers of Design .. Spinelli Kilcollin


This series will spotlight global innovators who are original, known, lesser known and some perchance even already highly regarded and respected within their areas of expertise.  The common thread is style and fashion; whether it takes its form in interiors, apparel, accessories, retail, photography or any of the related professions that surround fashion and style.  Please note that some of my “cast members” have chosen to follow a path than includes utilizing the “tools” of the past thereby rendering a new and modern vision for today’s climate of fashion and style. These “createurs” are at the vanguard of design and style … in my opinion … and so I will introduce them to you on an international stage starting today.



Today it is all about jewelry; jewelry for men and women and jewelry that would be termed both bridge and fine. The team of Yves Spinelli and Dwyer Kilcollin deliver jewelry for the 21st century that is both modern and time treasured which will become the heirlooms of the next generation. The materials of choice here are sterling silver, 18k gold and pearls which add up to a recipe from the classics and yet their pieces are unquestionably thoroughly modern.


They began in 2009 with pearls and beads and worked them in tandem with leather/fabric wrapping which slowly evolved into the sterling stage and has now taken them in the precious world of 18k gold and diamonds. What is so intriguing about the jewelry is that their signature piece, which I will call the stackable collapsible ring, can be for the man or woman in your life. Depending on how it is rendered, with diamonds or in sterling or in sterling with 18k, the ring is asexual. By the way, this piece is a personal favorite! One more variable is depending on the amount of “rings.” It might also convert to a bracelet.


Be on the lookout for more diamonds, South Sea pearls, precious stones and an expansion of their signatures including a much larger selection of earrings and a greater variety in the colors/finishes of gold and diamonds. Within the last month or so they have been featured in ELLE and VOGUE, they are indeed on the ascent!

Special thanks to the designers of LOYD+FORD for introducing me to these latest additions to world of fine jewelry.

Could this new a new trilogy or trinity ring? Just saying.