Monday, May 24, 2010

William Belack Jewelry

FASHION BY THE RULES: William Belack Jewelry

He believes that “there’s a beauty, in a kind of misshapen roughness, in both art and life.” So, Mr. Belack takes his thought and translates it to his métier which is fine jewelry. The end result is a hand made work of art which has been crafted in the manner of the master jewelers and metal workers of times gone by. The pieces might be wrought in gold or sterling and some with stones but always with an incomparable level of awareness for the inherent beauty of each unique creation.

Even though it seems that the jewelry is perfect, there is always an underlying quality of imperfection which echoes back to Mr. Belack’s philosophy. Take for example the winged cuff with its hand wrought hammered surface and yet its perfect depiction of a single wing or notice the semi precious stones which by nature are not perfect. An even more stunning example is used with the branch necklace and twig cuff bracelet where one has only to see it to know the perfect imperfection of nature itself.

Mr. Belack, who is based out of the Miami area, has a very limited distribution but can be found online on his website and don’t forget to keep up with me on Facebook or at


  1. What a beautiful jewelry!! Next time I am in Miami I will definitely give Mr. Belack a visit! it looks great!