Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Hermes, Jean Paul Gaultier, was a fitting end to what seemed like weeks of shows in Paris. This is, after all, the last show that Mr. Gaultier will resend for the famed brand. Nevertheless, to say he went out with a bang is an understatement. While the clothes remain utterly urbane, utterly low key and wildly expensive, the collection demonstrates how to take a trend/ theme and own it in every way. Each outfit bore the Hermes stamp……each had its own interpretation of the theme or inspiration and all of it was pure and true to the house. It is a rarity, in the world of fashion, to reinvigorate an established brand and breathe new life into it and retain the original DNA and integrity from which the house was built, but Mr. Gaultier, much to his credit, took the brand and his own particular skill set and created a fashion powerhouse for the brand which was primarily known for its accessories.

There are few words that can express the overwhelming talent of Karl Lagerfeld. This season for Chanel, he has delivered another blockbuster collection that will send the Chanel ladies into a dead faint. The palette is limited and yet there is no boredom, not a second wasted in delivering the latest message from the master. From tweeds to torn denim to plumage, the message is clearly modern and always retaining the language of Chanel. Everything is tweaked to perfection for any age, it is all there, provided of course that you can afford the luxury of such beauty. Fashion can be a cruel friend but obviously Mr. Lagerfeld has never made an enemy here at the house of Chanel…the slideshow will speak for itself

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