Monday, December 6, 2010


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Continuing on with focus of accessories, let’s move on to HATS. You may simply refer to them as hats but they are classified as newsboy, cloche, balaclava, baseball, beanies, fedoras, trilby, cowboy, pork pie, derby, top hat, trapper, beret, aviator, or skull cap. To think these are but some of the styles that are available to you during your everyday retail travels and that includes online as well. Hats make a great gift at this time of year as well as a much needed accessory in the cold climes.

Most ubiquitous on the streets of New York City, and almost everywhere, has been the fedora for all of Spring and Summer on men and women and with no ages left out. As the Fall season takes hold and moves rapidly into Winter, there are already signs that the beanie, skull cap and the trapper varieties, from knit to fur, that will be crowning the heads of almost everyone and not just for protection of the cooler temperatures as hats make a fashion statement with no extra added attachments.

As the great milliner Stephen Jones has stated, “A hat can be the exclamation point for your outfit.” He would be very pleased to see that so many have heeded his words and spoken very emphatically by their choice of head gear. It doesn’t matter if you buy your head covering at Wal-Mart or Neiman Marcus, the statement will speak for itself. No matter where you make the purchase, the silhouettes remain constant and your look is up to you. As always my suggestion is to have alternatives, different mood – different hat, different weather – different hat or match them to your outerwear.

So the question remains, what will your “exclamation point” look like

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