Tuesday, January 26, 2010



Welcome to the world of Haute Couture, where rules and regulations do not apply, where price is not even considered and where the artists of fashion live with their followers. Paris has just begun its summit of designers and consumers for the sole purpose of this rarefied territory known as couture.

As is the usual custom of the week, John Galliano for DIOR starts the week with what can only be described as unbelievable in terms of design, artistry and cost. Given the twin inspirations of Charles James and Monsieur Dior, himself, this collection, with themes of equestrian attire and then of the architecture of Charles James, can only be deemed masterful, genius and breathtaking in every way possible.

Proceeding Dior is another master……….ARMANI PRIVE who offers up the crescent and curvilinear arc as its theme. Once again Mr. Armani shows us that he is a master of his construction as well as a master of jaw dropping beauty …………..no expense spared!!!!

Mainly, it must be considered that this ritual of Haute Couture is only for the very rich but should be seen by anyone who truly appreciates it as an art form………this is where it all began and why we have businesses based on all types of fashion.

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