Wednesday, January 27, 2010



Today’s offering has much to do with what makes couture what it is………………….and the artist in charge is Karl Lagerfeld for CHANEL.
Here is a designer extraordinaire, who in his 54th collection delivers a truly unbelievable collection where he strays into alien territory…………..even for him. The order of the day was NO BLACK ;barely there color, no gold buttons and an uproarious reference to either Comtesse de Castiglione or Lady GAGA depending on your frame of reference. Banished is the spring time navy blue and even any sign of a nautical reference and instead came a collection heavy on SILVER and heavy on embellishment and threaded with a youthful vibe.
I find it difficult to express the artistry and imagination that is used when conceiving a collection such as this ……………from the mind of Lagerfeld to the actual rendering of these confections which utilize some of the greatest artisans in the world.

On the other hand, today we have GIVENCHY, by Riccardo Tisci who for sure has shown off his tailoring skills and is steering the aged house into a new generation of couture customers.
While I might long to see the elegance and grace and simplicity of Le Grand Hubert, I am starting to find relevance and import in the designs of the house. It is refreshing to see an “ancient” art and apply it to contemporary fashion.

The couture is best looked at slowly and examined, so I suggest you have a long look at

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