Monday, August 30, 2010


Having just returned to the city from a one week idyll at several beaches, one can only be reminded of those places by the scent of that cool ocean breeze or those specifically indigenous aromas that remind us of those happy moments while on vacation.

Melanie Apple-Fields has endeavored to capture these times that we most cherish while on vacation, the times when we are freed of everyday jobs and domestic routine. Her specific travels to the resorts of Europe have led her to create “re-livable memories” through the distinct smells that one encounters while “en vacances.”

There are candles, “rocks,” soaps, sprays for your bed linens, and lotions for the body. Let the essences of Majorca, Mykonos, and Capri, Monaco. Cap Ferrat and many more envelop you into the most peaceful and restful times of your day to day lives. All of the products are uniquely packaged of recycled materials and are created of 100% natural products and manufactured domestically, here in the United States.

As an extra dimension to her already growing roster of products, Ms. Apple-Fields has just added a small selection of ready to wear. The tunics are travel inspired yet suitable for city wear as well. The tunics have a slight Moroccan inspiration yet perfectly cosmopolitan.

Be sure to visit her website at for the full selection of sizes and scents

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