Monday, September 13, 2010


JASON WU presented his ever evolving collection of chic and soigné apparel with great mastery. He has shown us his sure hand in a mix of stripes, prints, and khaki, black and white while incorporating the sophisticated tailoring and soft draping that Mr. Wu has become known for. There is a European sensibility which is most apparent with his ruffles, stripes and crisp organza blouses.

CHRISTIAN SIRIANO delivered a collection of surprising sophistication and even more surprisingly with some very pretty wearable clothes. He has managed to shed his misguided vision of ready to wear and turned it into a viable slick collection that is well suited for the retailers of the world albeit the extreme OOPS at the end of the show.

PRABAL GURUNG presented a vibrant and immensely appealing collection for next Spring. In a very short time, he has managed to exhibit his talents for flawless execution and a taste level that harkens back to the days when shows were all about the clothes and not who wore them and not who sat in the front row. The superb quality of the collection is more than evident and one can only hope that all of these factors will be enough to ensure the longevity of this collection. If you are knowledgeable of your fashion history, you can see the references of some of the past greats, and note to designer, more simple shoes are better

ALTUZARRA needs to rein in the apparent wow factor of the clothes and use his talents toward creating fabulous clothes that can be taken to retail with the confidence of the buyer. There is great talent, great craftsmanship and even great ideas and inspiration, but they all need to be refined in such a way that makes the clothes more approachable and less in your face. The future is bright as, hopefully, this designer will evolve into a first class creator.

ALEXANDER WANG, well, it is much ado about nothing. He is a great stylist but hardly a designer. The glaring references to the Japanese designers and to Helmut Lang can only reinforce that stylist quality. Yeah so it is white and there is no black. It is not as if he is the first or the last to present Spring with a mostly white palette, if he needs to make a point, then present Fall with no black!

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