Friday, April 18, 2014

Meet Sandy Linter .. a living legend of fashion

At a time when models were what magazine covers were all about and when models were indeed the high-water mark of beauty there was one of the unsung heroes, well heroines, well hero person ...  She painted ( like a Renaissance portraitist) the faces of some of the world’s most beautiful women. When I say painted, it is to say that Sandy Linter made the plain … beautiful, the beautiful … exquisite and the exquisite … masterpieces.

Ms. Linter’s resume reads like a who’s who of fashion when it comes to publications, photographers, stylists, colleagues, advertisers and editors. Her “canvasses” included the greats and legends of modelling and she has created some of the most memorable and iconic countenances that ever graced a magazine page. Let’s just say that to name names would be absurd as then there would be no space for the article and would seem like a terminal case of braggadocio.

Sandy is an enduring presence (Lancôme Beauty at Every Age spokesperson) in the world of fashion and make up and continues to dazzle us on a regular basis within all media , so rather than gush any further I present to you... Sandy Linter … legend of fashion.

What is the most treasured possession in your wardrobe?

Treasured possession in my wardrobe? A black cape with fox collar by Adrienne Landau. A gift from a close friend

What is your most sterling trait and what trait do you treasure most in your friendships?

 I treasure being able to trust someone... I guess I'm very honest, as a sterling trait.

What is your guilty secret?

I'm thin and my secret is I don't eat much at night. Now it's not a secret!

Where is your ideal home?

I'd love to live downtown. I've been living on 52nd street for over 30 years. Very nice, too

What would you say is your greatest accomplishment to date?

My first Vogue Cover 1974 and my first cosmetic contract with Lancôme 2008

What is on your bedside table right now?

Bedside table holds a glass of water for my cat Squeek a telephone, glasses ugh, the remote 

What do you wear to bed?

My favorite tee from the 1970's … but I will also wear pj's 

What if any, book are you reading now or last read?

I love autobiographies I'm reading a bio about Johnny Carson

What’s your advice to the “newcomer?”

 Always say the job was terrific. Don't talk about any of its problems. 

Who or what is your inspiration/style icon?

My style icon had been Marilyn Monroe, then Debbie Harry and Michele Pfeiffer 

In 3 words or less, describe the current state of fashion.

A free for all (which is good)

If you won a $200,000,000 power ball (lottery), what is the first thing you would buy or do?

Pay the taxes on the money

If you could invite up to 4 people for dinner, who would they be…dead or alive?

 Gia, Chris von Wangenheim.... Johnny Ramone and Linda Ramone

What is your favorite movie /or movie star?

The Godfather and movie star 

What is the one thing you would change about yourself?

I'd like to be quicker in every aspect of my life. Or get over things quickly and move on

Whose opinion do you value most and why?

 Anyone who speaks the truth... Howard Stern for example and my friend Linda Ramone

What store or which designer do you most like to shop in or wear?

 I love to wear Jill Stuart and love to shop the Versace and Miu Miu stores at the outlet malls

What’s your take on magazines, books versus the internet?

I love magazines and big art books. Although my apartment has no more space for the art books

Do you have a dream collaborator?

Hell no

What’s your music library like?

Oldies, Hendrix, Beatles, Stones, Neal Young, Blondie, 

What and where is your favorite meal?

Milo's on West 55 the street all the fish dishes divine. Patti Hansen took me there and so did Stacy Mackler from Lancôme

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