Thursday, May 8, 2014

Dior ..resort 2015

Paris, Milan, Abu Dhabi, Los Angeles or Timbuktu, the problem was that the collection belonged to Raf Simons and Dior. Even with all the hubbub about being shown in Brooklyn, which  is such a “me too” move that one can only laugh, the clothes remain the product or end game for a designer who would rather talk and enthuse and intellectualize than design flattering clothes that might even be vaguely associated with a brand that has survived world wars, endless fashion trends and even disgrace.

Supposedly the overriding inspiration was the scarf and supposedly this was some sort of exercise to extrapolate that into this mess of clothes that went from true Dior classics to this notion of the so called new modern  Raf era Dior. Frankly, the new Dior, if one is to judge from yet another yawn worthy collection, is one that seems to be generic as it could the clothes of any brand and any designer. The fawners will carry on about the prints which were surely less than stellar and newsworthy and the techno fabrics and all the nonsense that is part of parcel of Raf Simons but the end result is the same ... yah so?

In essence, since I don’t discuss front row and venue, the show was okay for me... nothing more and surely a lot less. Besides showing 66 pieces which were mostly far from earth shattering or exciting, one might say the show was extremely commercial and as always some very difficult to wear or very unflattering. In this case if you don’t take in to account all the intellectual gymnastics that are employed and accompany a Simons/Dior collection, you might say this collection is very Macys advanced sportswear!! Aside from a few beautiful jackets and coat dresses and coats this was just another “who cares” collection just not as confrontationally or blatantly unattractive.

The reaction is one more time the same... Take away the press release, all the cerebral exercises, and the front row and what’s left… ho hum!

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