Saturday, May 17, 2014

Louis Vuitton Resort 2015 Monaco

Quel domage!

Kool Aid is now being served in the main room. The flavor of the day is delusion specifically concocted by Nicky Ghesquiere who promises that once consumed you too will believe that you have touched the hand of God!

Well, it is very safe to say that Monsieur Ghesquiere has not clue how to design a dress and has not a clue about what looks good on women. With all the hoopla of being shown in Monaco and the serpentine runway with the floor simulating rippling water, one can only assess this as sex without a happy ending and I mean bad sex … boring, tedious, going nowhere, when will it end sex!

The big messages here were the torn edge used on any hem he could and the ruffle hem; yes I know try to control your enthusiasm here. The preponderance of high waisted stitched center creased pants was more than evident but on the bright side the tailored pieces were a lot better than some of the ugliest and I mean fugly dresses that I have ever seen paraded down any runway. The best looking pieces were the non-gimmicky pieces but the problem is that they were totally generic.

Then we need to discuss the prints; the choice of prints, the more than odd marriages of prints together, and the why would you choose these aspects… holy mother of God!  Mr. Ghesquiere may be a techno spin wiz but on a purely visual level he has surely mastered the art of ugly with some of the most absurd looking dresses which apparently were designed in a home economics class as discussed in a book about “the dress doctors.” (Google it)  With all that is apparently available to the brand, the contents of the presentation was wildly amateurish and ill conceived. Apparently he is fixated on the 60s/70s and also with Miuccia Prada... more poor choices as demonstrated by some way ugly shoes and yawn worthy handbags.

In the end it suddenly hit me... the collection was awfully Marc Jacobs... but a poor imitation.

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