Friday, May 16, 2014

Oscar de la Renta.. resort 2015 ..New York Collections

Apparently Oscar scoffed at the premise of his clients buying clothes strictly for travel as they had decades ago. In keeping with this concept Mr. de la Renta offered a Resort collection for 2015 that is just chock a block with lady clothes that are about as cosmopolitan and stylish as any of the pure breds who flock to his clothes.

The collection is graphic, modern, spare without ever being boring above all it speaks to the broad range of clients that Oscar has developed over the years. Oddly, what he did was apply the decades old dictate of offering spectator looks, black and white here, but he translates them in the most contemporary of ways. These are not the clothes of ladies who lunch nor are they the wardrobe of wannabe socials; these are clothes that are for wearing by women if every age and not for strictly for show at Le Cirque or Lyford Cay.

The multi-color prints are a bit touch and go IMHO but the more restrained and graphic black and white prints win hands down. The “Oscarizaton” of the collection comes in Mr. de la Renta’s exquisite evening clothes complete with his now signature embroideries which we have now seen repeatedly in past seasons. BTW, this hardly means repetitive as the brilliantly pure colors that are utilized more than compensate for a little been there done that! These eyes were even distracted enough by the clothes to barely notice the below the knee hemlines which I usually take such great offense to in almost every collection of any designer proving that OdlR is up to task of delivering stellar collections no matter the season.

An Oscar review would not be complete with special mention given to the standout evening segment which in simplest words might be OSCAR ON STEROIDS! It’s all him and he even introduces his “cage” skirts which we have seen across the pond but never at the hands of this American master. So the bottom line is this… Give me one Oscar against any 10 Wangs, Nicks, Rafs or the like.. They talk about it and Oscar delivers it...

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