Tuesday, May 13, 2014

CHANEL .. Resort 2015.. Dubai

Oh to be Karl! 

What a wondrous thing it must be to be Karl Lagerfeld. No one could be as lucky, as skilled, as adept, as manipulative, as sarcastic or as wildly imaginative as the Kaiser. He does what all else want to and what all else aspire to and alas no one, not even Raf nor Hedi, nor Nicholas nor can pull off because Karl never ever loses his sense of humor nor his ability to laugh at himself and his clients while running all the way to the bank.

If one tries to speak of this as strictly a fashion moment then one might just be unqualified to speak of it at all. This is a collection that plays to its audience as much as its locale. This is a collection that draws upon the mosaics of mosques, the indigenous wardrobes of the Middle East’s inhabitants and even native textile patterns. Karl also embraces  the “I Dream of Jeannie” aspect of Middle Eastern garb with harem pants and zouave pants which surely haven’t made a re appearance in the fashion continuum for some time .. with good reason!

This is a collection that only be marveled at in its dissection and while in the process you can see the prized possessions that are contained, if you are savvy enough, within the full body of an almost 100 piece collection! NO ONE has that kind of hubris or power or ability and no one could pull this off with the same reaction. Hubris in quantity and hubris in swatting fun at stereotypes and hubris in not caring one iota about what anyone thinks as I have said , Karl laughs at the pundits and dares them to make sense of it while he laughs about all of it  and at all of them !

And if you think that the gas can quilted bags are a joke …  see how long the waiting list will be and find out who is having the last laugh!!

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