Thursday, May 8, 2014

Bottega Veneta .. resort 2015 by Tomas Maier

Every season I am reminded that Bottega Veneta by Tomas Maier is an acquired taste. Each season my eye adjusts a bit more and each season the clothes do not seem to be as strange as they were from seasons past.

Apparently, without the press release the 2 reviews I read would not have had a clue as to what the collection was about ... sadly the reviews were almost identical and they did not have a chance to speak of front rows or venue since the photos were sent by BV so it was all about spitting back the information that was fed to them.

Having had some experience with bleach, I understood the prints and the effects all too well. The prints can sort of be described as deductive or subtracted as that is what happens if you would paint with bleach. The authenticity of the procedure is enhanced greatly by the fact that you don’t get pure white but that pinky beige color when you apply the bleach.

Okay, enough of this, let’s talk clothes which were the usual fare of a somewhat artsy craftsy incarnation and yet very played down, very sort of retro 50’s suburban chic if you will. I hope that makes sense to you. Maier never loses sight of the luxe factor which he delivers in so many ways other than just the obvious bells and whistles. The palette is soft and very inviting not mention truly evocative of the season. Maier reminds us that the devil is always in the details and not always in your face screaming look at me! The serpentine bias tape detail on one dress is just superb as are the “stripes” and combinations of fabrics.

Bottega Veneta is not just about clothes and here is where Mr. Maier truly reminds us of the heritage of the brand. The shoes and handbags are just beautiful and very signature trademark Bottega intricato. The flats, the sandals, the heels, the totes, the hard constructed bags and the minaudieres are perfect no matter what you think of the clothes. 

That about wraps up resort 2015 from Bottega Veneta... The journey continues

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