Thursday, August 14, 2014

The collision of Fashion & Art.. Marc-Antoine Coulon.. Dean Rhys Morgan

Today it is this writer’s pleasure to write about a friend who happens to be an extraordinary talent. His amazing artistic gifts are most often unleashed within the world of fashion including its inhabitants. Marc-Antoine Coulon is carving a niche for himself as being the go to artist for the cognoscenti of fashion whether you are a publication, gallery or luminary. His portraits and illustrations are extraordinary as he captures the essence of his subject in just a few meaningful strokes.

Monsieur Coulon has teamed with Dean Rhys Morgan to create a signed limited edition of prints that is aimed at introducing the artist to the world collectible illustration. If Mr. Morgan’s name is familiar it might be because of his brilliant paean to illustrator and artist Tony Viramontes, Bold, Beautiful And Damned: The World Of 1980’s Fashion Illustrator Tony Viramontes or possibly his association with Isabella Blow and the Tattler. might be the best way to find out much more about both the artist and the person responsible for shining a light on the art of Marc-Antoine Coulon. Keep in mind that this collection of exquisite prints will have their premiere showing August 17-20 at the Javits Centre in NYC...  booth 2049 and then will become available at international sales points. Don’t forget these are personally signed by the artist and only offered in very limited editions.

If you are a lover of fashion or the art of illustration, you will want to own a piece of work by an artist who might be considered a 21st century Rene Gruau!

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