Tuesday, August 19, 2014

meet Tomasso Aquilano.. Roberto Rimondi.. AQUILANO.RIMONDI..

There has been a great deal of shuffling around within the Milanese fashion community but few have been singled out as survivors as well as genuine talents. Many of these designers may have held lead positions for reimagined brands and many have fallen by the wayside due to a dwindling retail economy and a lack luster media acceptance. Today it is about a team of two have and are more than just surviving the fashion wars; they are winning the war!

Today is about (Tomasso) Aquilano and (Roberto) Rimondi who are collectively recognized as their eponymous brand Aquilano.Rimondi. This talented team of 2 has worked their way up through the ranks of Italian fashion and weathered the fickle tides of the business  to have surfaced as possibly the “face” of the modern Italian fashion industry.

They exude a warmth that seems to be genetic, yet their talent may be steeped in the traditions of the great Italian designers who came before them but their product is anything but nostalgic. To my eyes, they are designers who strive to expose the evolution of Italian fashion by offering their vision of 21st century International fashion. Today’s world of fashion is not as secular as it once was as is evidenced by the growth of fashion  publications on a worldwide basis and Aquilano.Rimondi rises to fulfill  that agenda.

So please get to know these 2 designers and have a look at what is possible when designers step away from a preconceived idea of what fashion “should” be! Say Ciao to Tomasso and Roberto….

What is the most treasured possession in your wardrobe?
2 blue cashmere sweaters we use all the time as a jolly
What is your bliss?
What is your guilty secret?
If it’s a secret, then we are not supposed to tell it J
Where is your ideal home?
Roberto: Bologna, Tommaso: Ireland
What would you say is your greatest accomplishment to date?
Being still able to work together as a team
What is on your bedside table right now?
Tommaso: a picture of Roberto and Ugo the dog, Roberto: a picture of Tommaso and Ugo the dog
What do you wear to bed?
J! We would like to answer like a famous actress, but we prefer not to
What if any, book are you reading now or last read?
The biography of the Savoia family, Inchiesta su Maria – Corrado Augias, Il treno dell’ultima notte – Dacia Maraina
What’s your advice to the “newcomer?”
Collaboration, responsibility, constancy
Who or what is your inspiration/style icon?
People from the streets and art in all its form
What is the best advice you ever received?
We have never made a distinction between the designers that left their mark or still do leave their mark, we do recognize the talent of each one, it’s difficult to make a list
In 3 words or less, describe the current state of fashion.
…NEXT! Just kidding, it is a moment of transition, but also a time when new ideas are approaching a system that is changing
If you won a $200,000,000 power ball (lottery), what is the first thing you would buy or do? 
Regarding our private life, we prefer not to reveal too much, but naturally we would be interested in travelling the world over and buy a lot of art
If you could invite up to 4 people for dinner, which would they be…dead or alive?
It’s difficult to answer this question: we would need to invite people over for dinner every day in order to get to know all the persons that we would like to know
What is your favorite movie /or movie star? 
Le relazioni pericolose with Michelle Pfeiffer, Glenn Close and John Malkovich, Schindler’s List, Barry Lyndon, La caduta degli dei – Luchino Visconti – to name a few
What is the one thing you would change about yourself? 
Whose opinion do you value most and why? 
If the opinion is positive or negative, but constructive then it is well accepted from whomever, because it has been expressed in a professional way
What store or which designer do you most like to shop in or wear? 
Resurrection, Anouska, Lily Et Cie, Mazzini Vintage, Angelo…please don’t make us open our agenda…J
What’s your take on magazines, books versus the internet?
Print media still has ist own charm but internet as well because you have an immediate confrontation with the world, they are both the same side of the medal
Do you have a dream collaborator? 
We live together since 16 years, should we prefer someone else? Maybe 2 are already sufficient, what do you think?
What’s your music library like? 
We range a lot in all different kind of music genres which moreover reflects our taste to mix > imput and very different styles
What and where is your favorite meal?
Do you want to come to dinner at our house? ;) since we often eat outside, perhaps our favorite dish is made with our proper hands and in a moment of relax…we are Italians > for us it is important to eat well 

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