Tuesday, October 7, 2014

ZINK style fall 2014

It is a case of utility meets fashion or Hermes meets 21st century modern. Possibly it is hubris trumps boredom and good design meets those smart enough and tasteful enough to understand and pay attention to it! The ZINK Everyday collection is all about form meeting function. The bags are constructed of the hand distressed leathers that retain a slightly well-worn patina that only gets better with age and use. The canvass pieces are trimmed in pebble grain leather to heighten their appeal and curability. And much to the amazement of many, there is a croc saddle bag that will haunt you until you own one.

Newly added to the world of Zink is SHAHMINA which is the softest finest cashmere available. The natural shahmina has not been dyed so it is presented in its 100% natural unaltered state. The fabric is realized from the first shearing of the Pashmina goat. The shawl is hand woven and takes 12 days to make. SHIBORI is a Japanese term for several methods of dying cloth; it requires the use of thread for binding to achieve a tie dye effect. Lastly is the LADAKHI shawl that is of the most exquisite textiles ever woven. It is the most delicate and precious of fabrics originating in the courts of royalty around the world.

Zink is the brainchild of Ben Freedland who began the company in Austin Texas armed with the idea that he was going to use classic shapes and make them his own by putting his imprimatur on the shapes.  From totes to duffels , from structured to soft and small to large, Mr. Freedland has stepped up to the plate by  providing all of us with an alternative to the “it” bag of any given moment and believing that not everyone wants the same old black bag or even brown one.  Another key selling point of the collection is that many of the pieces are unisex or “asexual” which all, course, depends on color and size… yes size does matter!

The ZINK collection includes the core canvas and the natural-dyed hand-woven lines; and seasonal designs that feature limited edition colors, fine upholstery fabrics and exotic patterns sourced from Freedland’s worldly travels. Brass and chrome hardware, YKK zippers and high-quality leather round out the features in the ZINK collection.”

 Mr. Freedland will be expanding the ZINK range on a fairly constant basis so you have stay tuned for all the new style and pieces that will appear. Clearly, the man and his company are on the path of expansion which will hopefully mean that Zink will be integrated into your lifestyle sooner than later.
Look for Zink at its flagship in Austin, Texas or online at …..

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