Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Louis Vuitton.. Paris ..spring 2015

Where to begin? First observation was the models are getting younger or look to be that and that is a major distraction when you consider the price of these get ups. Oh my,  brought up the dirty word price which is directly related to another dirty word sales. My bad?

One can’t really be sure what Nicolas Ghesquière is thinking but one can surely see what he is selling so to speak. Firstly all the leathers which look like either leatherette or eel skin and not exactly what most women think of when they think spring not to mention fisherman sweaters ... Another highly relatable item for spring. Then there is his nod to Hermes which is almost amusing given the tug of war that the mother ships were having over stock ownership. Moving right along we always need to discuss silhouette and proportion as Nicky has never met a woman he didn’t wasn’t to dress up like some Barbie doll, a majorette or worse like Jeremy Scott! The man really needs to talk to a women and  listen to what she has to say about body image etc. then there is velvet let alone quilted velvet  for spring which just makes one sweat looking at it and lastly but surely not least .. the prints! OMG! We all know that prints are highly personal and yet in my opinion Nicky has managed to find universally unattractive if not truly fugly prints!

One can be oh so sure there is a litany of inspirations and reasons why he has chosen all of his shapes and materials but as has been said many times … The clothes have to speak for themselves and what they are telling me is … can someone tell Nicky what season it is and this is not how rich people want to dress!

PS .. someone will have to explain the knee guards to me because these girls are surely not using them for kneeling! Did anyone notice there is some bad Balmain in the mix?

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