Monday, August 31, 2015

fashion as art or art as fashion ... LIFE gallery

Is there fashion in art or is there art in fashion? Such is a question that has baffled and been a great source of discussion and opinion for well over a century. With their latest show, Lollipop, the LIFE Gallery and its director Nicolas Saint Gregoire explore the notion via the featured works of  Marc-Antoine Coulon, Juano Diaz,  Sandro Giordano,  Ultra Violet. Monsieur Saint Gregoire was kind enough to answer some questions and so in his own words:
Marc Antoine Coulon

Ultra Violet

Sandro Giordano

Juano Diaz

Q-The simple question is “why this show?”
A- We wanted to have a vibrant and colorful exhibition and we made a selection of artists whose work would be a good fit in a pop art show.

Q- Please give us and definition of the show’s title
A-Lollipop represents something fun, flavorful and usually full of colors, which very much corresponds to the idea we have of a pop art themed exhibition.

Q- Is this your normal format and why this show?
A-We actually really like to do both group and solo shows, for different reasons. Whereas solo exhibition allow us to emphasize on the work of just one artist, group shows give us an opportunity to put different artistic visions in perspective and create a dialogue between the artists.

So, if you want to join the conversation, you might want to visit the LIFE Gallery in NYC during the run of the Lollipop show (September3-12) and maybe you can solve the quandary of fashion and art.

P.S.    There is something about all this that brings to mind Ethel Scull. You might have to google her.

                                                                               L I F E Gallery
617 West, 27 Street
New York, NY 10001

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