Sunday, November 29, 2015

Why Don't You ?? the 2015 version

This series is dedicated to and possibly echoes what brought Diana Vreeland to the world’s attention and eternal admiration.  No, it will not be quite as outrageous or imaginative but these articles will have one unified theme and that is the gift giving season of 2015 whether it is Chanukah or Christmas or no reason at all. There will be ideas for holiday gift giving from around the world which range from what some might refer to as normal or expected to the outrageous.

Colleagues and resources from around the world have sent me their ideas of what would make a great gift for a friend, a dear one or even yourself. The selections will range from commissioned art to handbags to collectibles to fine jewelry to scent and even personal styling sessions for men and women. No matter what strikes your fancy, hopefully these articles will make for some fun reading and that you will pass on to friends for their enjoyment or gift giving possibilities. All of them accessible online, at brick and mortar establishments or by phone so shop on!

With the Festival of Lights (Chanukah) scarcely a week away and Christmas just around the corner, let the games begin and my question to you is “Why don’t you?”

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          Why don’t you commission a portrait of yourself or most significant other which can be a gift to yourself or your other half? The artist here is Marc Antoine Coulon of the Madame Figaro, Vanity Fair, ELLE variety and you can find him on Facebook for further details. By the way, yes, he can work from photographs so you needn’t be in Paris to sit for him.

·       Why don’t you start a trend and give a handbag from a collection that has been designed in the USA and takes inspiration from an international nostalgia for the classics but with a passion for the distinctive?  Check out all the accessories at   Dream it, believe it, achieve it and most of all, and just buy it.

·       Why don’t you give a book about Diana Vreeland that enlightens the reader as well as affirms the genius of Mrs. Vreeland was as well as her clairvoyance when it came to fashion and the trends that long outlived her? In her words “give them something they never knew they wanted.”

·       ****Why don’t turn your man or yourself into a rock n roll star and buy him or yourself a sheared mink pea coat from Jay Kos of New York City? Jay Kos is the go to destination for the most original and extravagant apparel in the entire city and if you are lucky, you will speak and meet with the designer himself who puts in plenty of face time at his eponymous “temple of fashion” located at 293 Mott Street in NYC. Maybe you can score a personal styling session with him while you are there

Why don’t you own or commission a handmade leather belt or accessory handmade by and designed by Roberto Calasanz? The man is an absolute genius when it comes to hardware and original pieces which will send you into a fashion swoon. By the way, if you ask nicely, he might even do some rather chic accessories for your “chien!” The website is days away but find him on Facebook. 

Stay tuned much more to come right here in the coming days ahead.

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