Wednesday, April 25, 2018


The question is .. If we have a game show host as a president then we must have a Vanna White turning letters. Yes, this is WHEEL OF FORTUNE!!!! Can we have a spin please?……….

F is for fake and fillers

B is for Barbie or belts

P is for photo op or prop

D is for playing dress up

L is for Louboutin

S is for silicone

I is for implants

M is for mute

D is for paper doll

R is for robotic

I is for ill advised

N is for native; you can take the girl out of Slovenia but you can’t take the Slovenia out of the girl

D is for distraction

M is for multi lingual …. my ass

G is for genius visa as in oh Donnie that’s the biggest one I ever had

N is for no free lunch

H is for how to marry a millionaire … any millionaire

H is for high waisted

W is for wind up doll

M is for matchy matchy

K is for class

Without going any further our Vanna White has done nothing but make guest appearances on the “show” where she is a co-star so to speak. Her impact is that of a show pony that is trotted out for photo ops where most times she shows the emotion of her Mattel namesake. 
You cannot buy class, you cannot buy style but it might have been wise to hire people who know something about impressions and how to make a statement via your wardrobe choices. She is an icon of style and good taste to those who believe that she is a natural beauty or that shopping at Walmart is a destination for special occasion clothes. Price is not a guarantee of good taste and she is the poster girl for those sage words. Even Jackie Kennedy had Mrs. Vreeland as well as Mrs. Charles Wrightsman to guide her when it came to image and impressions. 

Our so called fashion  media has disintegrated to the point that they write pandering praise for clothes that bear  no match to the position of the woman that holds the title .. they are simply clothes for a third trophy wife.  

Alas, rather than go on and on, the bottom line is simply that she may be not have she signed up for this but she sure as hell has had the opportunity to create a niche for herself that would have cast her in a much different light despite her past and other obvious shortcomings. 
Our Vanna has opted for being the just a letter turner, a prop, who wears clothes to attract attention and offer her canned smile to her fans.

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