Thursday, October 3, 2019

500, 000

One half of one million that’s 500,000 page hits to my blogspot ….

 I am humbled... I am ecstatic... I am gratified… and most of all I am thankful to everyone who has read it or reads or will read what I have written and will write.  As for the naysayers who said I couldn’t or I shouldn’t I say... guess what I DID …  so you can fuck off and go elsewhere to read your fashion.

I have lost friends over it and I have gained many friends because of it and to those who have stuck by me I have endless thanks. I must give one special shout out to Beverly who has unfailingly supported me since day one by sharing every single fashion review I have ever posted... I am forever in your debt.

This is a milestone in my life and gives me the courage, conviction and confidence to believe that when I set my sights on doing something ... yes I can do it!

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