Tuesday, March 17, 2009


This season I find it extremely disconcerting that the shows /clothes must be intellectualized beyond any reason in order to validate what was seen on the run way and done so by those who should know better ..................I want to know why or how several of the collections were lauded and praised when simply they are not pretty ...not wearable.........have no particular reason for being other than one day a year which is Halloween ..........I understand that no ones wants to speak ill in times like these but in the same breath how could you insult your peers and give some diatribe on some hideous junk which might be a feat of construction and engineering but has the salability/wearability factor of a thumbtack .........These are hardly the times to be intellectually posturing about clothes ---it is the time we need to think about giving that customer a reason to buy clothes TO WEAR not as collectors items

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