Monday, March 16, 2009


The shows are over and the reviews are in but I think that the season was far more fabulous than the retailers gave them credit for ....the translation is that when the collections become too commercial (wearable) the critics are overly critical .......I believe that there were over the top collections and safe collections but certainly not boring or dull -----at a time when the retail environment is so difficult how can any retailer speak of the merits of Comme des Garcons...I find it particularly difficult to believe that this collection will pay the rent but Lanvin was too safe ---HUH???? What is it that doesn't allow me to compute this evaluation ?????........At any rate I am happy to be on the sidelines with my observations ..what with traffic down ..prices up ...oceans of black ....budgets cut ........and high prices is simply not easy to be in the fashion biz these days

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