Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So the fashion pundits have spoken and universally praised JIL SANDER--PUCCI--BOTTEGA VENETA--GUCCI ---VERSACE--MARNI--PRADA--CAVALLI---and my question is what will you sell to make money ?????Certainly there is no money to be made selling onesies of editorial clothes ,no disco outfits from the 70's and not 80's as supposedly cannot tell me that the matrons who make up the customer base of Neimans--Saks--Bergdorfs and the like will be wearing cupful nude dresses from BOTTEGA or car wash leather dresses from PRADA and surely not studded thigh high skirts from CAVALLI---so after your 20 best customers have bought the editorial stuff what are you going to do to sustain the "couture" level customer for the balance of the season ????

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