Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rick Owens Fall 2011

Sometimes I need some space so I can learn to like a designer and sometimes it takes time for the designer to distill his or her image/look, nevertheless, time has passed and I have become a fan of Rick Owens. This is not what I am generally attracted to but there is a clean line and a definite point of view which, in my opinion, is refined to a tee with this collection.
The clothes look perfectly crafted with hard edges, which is the vocabulary and DNA of the collection. This is a designer who is certainly fluent with the use of leather and fur and uses them to maximum effect for each look. I am very taken with the leather gauntlet like gloves he uses to achieve a totally finished look.
These are not supermarket clothes nor are they the perfect little throw on to head out to dinner, but with an acquired taste, these are clothes with a long life crafted by a designer who is certainly an artist amongst designers in the fashion business.

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