Friday, March 4, 2011

Zac Posen Fall 2011

It is just as easy to show unattractive clothes in NYC as it is to show them in Paris and it is cheaper to do it at home so why does Mr. Posen insist on bring his roadshow to the city of light. Actually he does himself a great disservice as the competition is far stiffer and he stands out as the “ugly American.”
He provided a few pretty moments, a few pretty ugly moments and then he finished off

with a few Morticia moments. Last season he was the wardrobe t=for the Folies Bergere or some might say for the ladies of the night and this season he is not sure who he is and who his customer might be. Someone needs to get with the program here and decide who is your client base and what exactly do you want to stand for and hopefully that will not be ugly collections. Time’s a wasting and the dollars keep adding up and there is not even editorial material here to work with. There seems to be a lack of direction, a lack of guidance and like I said when I saw the ZP department at Bergdorf’s, a lack of clothes to sell!!

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