Monday, April 29, 2013

Uniform Union Fall 2013 Los Angeles collections

California fashion as it is called and classified has never exactly elicited any sort of excitement from me.  I have read books on the subject and reviewed dozens of shows and yet, except for very rare occasion, can I ever say that there is a designer/brand that brings me to “the keyboard.”  So, in the spirit of all things new and fresh, if that’s even possible in today’s world of fashion, I offer up to you Uniform Union which is a collaboration of two extraordinarily talented young designers who have a distinct and original point of view.

Franck Ford and Seven Loy have been honing their design skills for over 25 years and doing successfully and internationally.  It is with their latest incarnation, Uniform Union, that they reach a culmination of their combined talents.  This crescendo results in a collection that is at all times modern, impeccably made (inside and out) , possibly reminiscent of some of the greats and yet never in  a “me too” sort of  way .

What needs to be pointed out is that the tailoring is crisp, edgy and modern.  The innovative design riffs,  on many fashion staples,  render the viewer/buyer somewhat awed.  The modernity of pieces/styles that we have all seen time after time for years are suddenly looking new and have been totally reinterpreted to suit the design ethos of this design duo and their label.  The “take” they have on dresses is a point of view that is a combination of the tried and true combined with the most inventive of techniques that one might call “artsy” or better termed a specific design signature.  Imagine that there are many pieces, both of hard and soft construction, that evoke strong emotion, all in a most positive and compelling way.

What upsets this reviewer or chronicler of fashion is that collections/designers of this ilk and caliber rarely get the “ink” they so richly deserve.  Being eclipsed by those who are far less talented can taint or infect the ambition of many a designer and has been their nemesis. 

What gratifies me is that there are still some top tier retailers, Maxfield, Ikram and A’maree’s in the United States as well as Montaigne Market in Paris to name a few,   that still appreciate and recognize what is new, original and modern in this miasma we know as the world of fashion. How uplifting and refreshing is it to know that there are still designers who wish to stand out from the flock and can achieve it by using their god given talents.  Have a look and let me know if you agree ….

P.S… the photos don’t come close to showing the exquisite detail of each piece

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