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Joan Severance: the next chapter

My last conversation with Joan was about a year ago at which point we were far more focused on her past career as one of the great runway and print models of the 80s. Today we are all about the entrepreneurial and creative Joan Severance who is all at once author of a brand new book and founder of her brand new eponymous hair care collection.

I think it is safe to say that Joan has been one busy gal who is still working as a model but has authored a book which releases this month, Manifest Your Mate: A Journey for Attraction, and is launching her hair care collection both within the last 24 hours. Who says I don’t keep up with the latest and greatest? Joan, no doubt, proves that there is life after the business of fashion and she surely embodies a woman of many more talents than just “hold it” and “click.” She is every bit outspoken, inventive, tuned in and yes she is modern and informed and would surely qualify for being a cultural icon. To say that I am honored and humbled to call her a friend is an understatement.

Rather than me blather on about all that is Joan, here SHE is in her own words “speaking” about Joan Severance 2017!

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Jeffrey Felner: Can you tell the why you decided on hair care and what you hope to accomplish with your products?
Joan Severance: I decided to do a hair care line after a conversation with my longtime hairdresser (Mauro Spina) since he had seen my hair at every length and in every color. In 2012 I made the daring decision to stop coloring my hair and it was at this time that the idea of a hair care line was hatched.

Mauro (Mauro Hair Studio in Beverly Hills) is a magician when it comes to creating organic plant based remedies for hair. He whipped up some great concoctions for me during our relationship and with his “first aid” my hair survived those rigorous episodes. I kept asking him to make more of the “special stuff” and finally he urged me to make it my own. Having taken his advice, it was up to me to test it out with my own personal focus group whose feedback resulted in me jumping literally head first into the hair care arena with products that contain organic oils, fruit extracts and essential oils derived fragrances.

-take 1 / clean hair wash is the product I personally use the most. My hair is natural now and I find that this is all I need to give me super shiny soft incredible hair.

-take 2 / smooth nourishing conditioner is for those who have extremely processed or damaged hair; it polishes the hair shaft leaving it smooth and lustrous.

-take 3 / why knot no tangle therapy is a leave-in treatment. This is what all my girlfriends are addicted to; it’s a universal product but especially for those who have extremely fine hair that tends to tangle.
My favorite combination is  take 1  and  take 3 which is what my hair loves and needs. We are all different, with all different wants and desires when it comes to our look and our hair. I think my hair care regimen solves so many of the “ills” that hair endures.
My wish is that women using these products will find that they require less “hair” time and still have it look and feel irresistible; bottom line … my products  will free up “getting ready” time and allow for more family, friends, husband, careers or shopping  times.
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JF: Would you give us a brief synopsis of the how and why of your new book Manifest Your Mate: A Journey for Attraction?
JS: I started writing this book while shooting Love Boat: The Next Wave. I could say that the stories on the show inspired me to want to have a man in my life again after so many years of being single. With time on my hands due to the ensemble cast, I began creating a “wish list” of I what wanted in a mate; this became my “blueprint.”
After constructing a more than compelling list, I met a guy that on the outside met all my requirements.  After hanging out with him for a while I came to see that the inside qualities matched the “outside” qualities. I stopped jotting notes down and started a life with him that eventually led to a marriage but unfortunately ended in divorce. When there are deep seated issues within someone that they opt to conceal and not resolve, it becomes impossible to have a "real" relationship. 
A couple of years after than episode, I returned to that list but this time I assembled my “data” to take the form of a book. My life was a bit hectic and all over the place during that time so it wasn't until 2016 that I finally found the time to make this book a reality. 
My aim was to get the book into the hands of women seeking men. I have so many fabulous, single, smart and available women that have are all seeking their soul-mate. When speaking to most of them, they tend to speak about all the things they "don't want" in their next mate. Well, I have practiced the Laws of Attraction for quite some time and know that what one focuses on comes your way. So, the book is an exercise aimed at those who are serious about attracting the man that they "want" in their life. I say it is for those who are serious because the process of focusing on what you want will have an immediate life result. 
I feel it is just a shift in thinking and verbalizing that allows the opportunity of anything to become reality.
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JF: Let’s talk about brand extensions and sequels; what’s planned on the personal care front and on the literary front?
JS: I have already been approached by a few men to write the Man seeking Woman version of the book and so there’s a likelihood of a sequel. 
I am currently writing my second book about my life, loves and lessons with a condition named Vitiligo which  is a long term skin condition characterized by patches of the skin losing their pigment. The book is filled with tons of research including, treatments, interviews and personal stories from all over the world as well as my own stories of my life  living with the condition.

Next on the literary front after that is my cookbook and a children's book based on the stories of my dog and I, but written from my dog’s point of view … plus I am helping two other authors get their books into print.
As for the personal care products, who knows?  I will weigh the response to this line first, but I do know an incredible woman that makes organic skin care products so there is surely a possibility on the horizon. 
I think I am content with this much on my plate for now, although I am being urged to do a show of sorts that focuses on politics, laws and other things about the governing of the people.
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JF: In general, what can we expect from Joan Severance… personally and professionally?
JS: Professionally there are a few acting roles that I have been looking at. It seems these days I am picky about what parts I wish to portray. I am still modeling and currently being featured in the CELINE campaign, Double Magazine in France and on April 25th,  is releasing a Beauty Secrets video and story on me. So that part of my life is still active. 
Personally, now that I have finished Manifest Your Mate: a journey for attraction, I am going to do the process and manifest my mate! I am again ready to have an incredible man in my life and share my life.
Currently traveling and visiting friends and just enjoying being creative in any way that I can. I think creativity spawns inspiration, so I feel I must express and motivate others. It's exhilarating to have an idea and then turn those ideas into reality.  The world needs more exhilaration in everyone’s heart.
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