Tuesday, April 18, 2017

NAN KEMPNER .. a style icon for the ages

the Looks Love interview
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Here is a meet and greet with one of the world’s greatest and most recognizable style icons of a generation. At a time when there is such a thing as “fake” news and literally “fake” celebrities there seems to be a huge shortage of “verifiable and honest to goodness” fashion icons. So with that in mind, it seems timely to remind those of us who recall and still appreciate that once upon a time there was a clothes horse, fashion hoarder and style monger like no other; it is here that the younger generation should take note!

Through my exhaustive and unbelievably potent powers for summoning up those who have left us behind, this Impossible Conversation focuses on one of the world’s greatest clotheshorses who amassed a king’s ransom in clothes as well as a museum quality collection of haute couture. (375 pieces of YSL hate couture alone)

I of course, speak of Nan Kempner who died 12 years ago but spent a lifetime indulging her greatest passion/addiction ... clothes. She was the real deal... a style icon ...  an original! Reed thin, she was as ubiquitous in the rarefied worlds of genuine international society as KK is in the world of tabloid schlock news. She did all the right things, vacationed in all the right places, attended the right events and was famous for saying “she wouldn’t miss the opening of a door” and she spent her life living it. Her conspiratorial laugh, her hacking cough and the aroma and clouds of smoke from her Parliaments are missed in so many ways.

She lived in 16 rooms on Park Avenue, entertained with spaghetti dinners as well as place card dinners serving royalty; literally had rooms filled with clothes and made it her mission to have one helluva good time. She was irascible, charming, charitable, wicked, loving and she is most of … all greatly missed.

“There are no chic women in America. The one exception is Nan Kempner." Diana Vreeland

La plus chic du monde” Yves St Laurent

Here she is ... giving us one last tasteful tease of Nan!!

Nan Kempner: Honestly, I couldn’t be happier here. I can smoke all I want, I don’t have to drag those tanks around and I get to see so many of my nearest and dearest friends. I am sorry I had to leave my wardrobe behind but then again there would be no room for anyone else’s clothes here if I brought all of mine and I always believed that “there's a store where I'm going”
JF: What do you think about the state of fashion as it is today?
NK: Darling there is no fashion anymore,   I mean look around you...what do you see? Trash, these days all these broads looking for free clothes. Even editors today are looking for freebies and they haven’t a clue, there is no one to equal Diana and then again look at the clothes... trash silly stuff for the tasteless

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