Monday, August 24, 2020

Oscar de la Renta resort 2021

 Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia have deftly  conceived a collection that  both captures the spirit of the house as well as considering the times we are living in. That said, there may be some pieces that are a bit over reaching in terms of where are you wearing them but for the most part much of it is a distilled vision of Oscar.

Some of the clothes are playful which might feed to the pent-up spending that I believe exists, much of it is easy and can be worn at home or possibly on vacation if we are ever allowed to leave this country. Personally, I liked the city suits very much and hope that they will be seen on people and not just on magazine pages.


The collection is hopeful, light hearted and pretty much looking towards a brighter future for their customer and for all concerned. Let’s face it …zoom parties aren’t gonna cut it forever but small intimate gatherings where people dress to feel good are certainly going to be a welcomed event and these are the clothes for such times.


So, with this capsule collection they give us all some hope and for changing times and divert our attention to what might be instead of what is without losing the essence of the brand!

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