Saturday, December 4, 2021

meet Giorgio Torelli .. a man with more than just good looks

Once again let me sing the glories and wonders of the internet... this time of Instagram! That is where I “met” Giorgio and I would be lying if I said that my immediate attention wasn’t because of his beauty! As I have said so many times, you just never know who is really behind the image that you see and again I was so pleasantly surprised to find that this exquisite man has more to say than just posting images of his own perfection.

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As I have aged, I feel a compulsion and an admiration for those who are either expanding their careers, reinventing themselves or simply taking a divergent path... I have a weakness for them as I have certainly reinvented myself so many times during my varied careers. I’m endlessly amazed with the reception I receive from, basically strangers, who respond and will open up about their aspirations, inspirations and personal preferences .... simply said there is a real genuine human behind the photos I have seen. Once again, I remind you, I am a reader so hashtags tell me a story and that is why I struck up a “relationship” of sorts with Giorgio.

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His premier collection of jewelry is a total mix of what is and what was in terms of design .... from lavaliers to lapel pins and from diamonds to topaz. All the pieces are made in the USA and all from sustainable materials and ethically mined stones. He makes as much of a statement with his jewels as he does with his looks!

Well now it is his turn to share with us what lurks behind his incredible images... so in his own words (with very little editing from me) ... allow me to introduce to you Giorgio Torelli:

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Jeffrey Felner: Let’s talk about how you became “Giorgio Torelli” 2021... in other words a brief history of your personal and professional trajectory.

Giorgio Torelli: I use to play soccer semi professional in Italy and I finished my degree like dietician and nutrition.

All of this teaches me that work can make your dream came true. After I decide to move to Australia and here my love for photography born. I started modelling after I had been a scout from one agency. I worked for many brand and learnt a lot of new things. Then I decide that I wanted something more so I started my brand.

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 JF: What is your dream job and what would be your dream collaboration?

GT: Probably I don’t have a dream job, I just live to create and feeling free

I want to keep create things I love, discover new places and grow everyday like a person. I love dsquared so If I can chose my dream collaboration, it will be this...I wish one day I can model for them

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 JF: If you could invite any 5 people to dinner, who would they be and why?

GT: 5 people to spend dinner 

1-Megan fox : I think she is perfect  2-David Bechkam as he was my idol since I was a kid, 3:Stephen King I love his history, 4:  Steve Jobs because  I would like to learn from him and  Gandhi because I read a lot about him and want to know more.

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 JF: What inspires you to do what you do?  any mentors that you have followed or use a “road map” for your life?

GT: I love one jewellery brand NIALAYA by Janie Oleander 

He inspire me a lot with his brand and I follow Johnny Edling I met him in Bali and he is really good. 

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JF:Let’s not speak of Giorgio in the present but in the next 5 years... where do you hope to see yourself and how will get you there and why?

GT: I don’t know where I will be in 5 years but I’m sure that I’ ll live as much as I can torealise my dream, probably I will be in one island

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 follow Giorgio on Instagram under his name and torellijewelry for more...

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