Sunday, October 4, 2009


JEAN PAUL GAULTIER-Like so many of his colleagues, he looked back to look ahead...the familiar iconography of Gaultier was apparent...denim,lingerie, conical bras, trench coats-overalls and transparency ...ever the provocateur , ever the master tailor ...nevertheless this was not Gaultier with "his game on "

VIKTOR & ROLF-At a time when most have retired to their tried and true ----the boys have forged new territory as well as providing one of the highlights of the week in was drama-----it was theater----it was great !!!! as for wearable , well some of it but what a visual feast ................known for their themes this was a tour de force in theme

LOEWE-Everybody loves a come back and LOEWE is now poised to proceed to its former glory .......................unlike so many houses who have lost their luster, LOEWE has decided to comeback and be known for what they have always been known for ----------leather of all kind in all classifications. Huge kudos to Stuart Vevers for reigniting the brand with its original DNA and bringing the house into the 21 st century ................hopefully the coming collections will remain as chic and timely

JUNYA WATANABE--I have never been a fan of nor have I ever been able to explain this collection BUT alas wonders never cease and I can say ......yes I get it!!!!! the collection is an exercise in razor sharp tailoring and any and everything you ever wanted in a white shirt.....the jackets and "blouses" were flawless in execution ...........while I am not sure how, as a retailer, I would buy this ....I know I would certainly be trying hard to figure out how it would be in my store

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