Tuesday, October 6, 2009


YSL-Once again the the designer delved backwards to go forward...but alas Mr Pilati overthinks it and offers up a not so fab Spring collection ....yes there were wonderful moments but then again there were the leiderhosen and the cotton and leather combo ..........I know this collection is capable of greatness even if it is thought out too much

CELINE-BRAVO !!!! this will be the comeback collection of the season ....Ms Philo arrives with a bit more seasoning and a lot of common sense and delivered a fabulous collection that will no doubt restore it to the days when Michael Kors designed..........The clothes are crisp-sharp - exacting-pared down -raffine--there is a lot to like here for customers as well as editors

GIAMBATTISTA VALLI- He has found his story and he is sticking to it ...and rightfully so . The collection is young, sexy, frothy , ruffled, fringed , feathered and more . It is never boring and not for the shy girls who never go out

STELLA MC CARTNEY -she has got her eye on making cash registers ring...and they will. The collection of real clothes for real people is Spring perfect in color - pattern-silhouette---it is not boring on any level and even offers real shoes !!! This is a collection that proves salable is not boring

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