Friday, October 2, 2009


GARETH PUGH-Heavy on the zippers-close to the body with a much less theatrical presentation than is his norm but still plenty of drama to go around...this is an evolving collection with divine technique which I do believe will eventually bring him to the forefront of fashion houses

ROCHAS-The collection appears to be somewhat pretty even if I cannot find much to say about it ---this is a long fabled house that is still searching for its 21 st century identity...what I can say is that the use of the flowers at the waist is a key accessory/look

BALENCIAGA-Nicolas Ghesquiere as raised the bar to impossible heights with this spring collection. He is at the top of his game and re enforced his presence as a world class designer. While i am not a huge fan of the clothes, I am however, a huge fan of the craft and what he does every season. He has developed a cult following for his designs while remaining true to himself. There are not many who can even come close to making these claims

AZZARO-Remaining true to her brand, Ms. Seward delivered a beautiful collection of immaculately rendered clothes for ladies of all ages. Clean shapes with enough detail and embellishment but never over the top

BALMAIN--Another fabled house in search of a 21st century identity ....This is Rock n Roll, 70s Disco, 80s Sexy and way way over the top in every possible way. I would just love to know the demographic for the is collection as I would have to say that if you are over 30 and more than a size 8 then you are not shopping here.

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