Monday, October 5, 2009


AKRIS-What was once an old lady collection (less than 20 years ago) to the quintessence of sharp, clean , stunning simplicity is the road that has been travelled here.......the colors are beautifully soft but rich ..the clothes are wearable , slick and effortless almost ethereal

ANDREW GN-Soigne, chic, classy wardrobing for the woman of refined tastes..Mr. Gn did not cede one inch from his original plan of masterfully crafted embellished designs--he may have dialed it down a notch but nothing has been lost ....if anything, his dressmaking skills are enhanced

KARL LAGERFELD-It seems pointless to laud more praise on him but the show was such a truly masterful display of his tailoring and dressmaking talents, one cannot ignore this.........I chose to focus here on the "waist up" elements as his theme being the rounded hip short bears no resemblance to reality ......the impeccable tailoring and construction of those "tops" render them perfect for almost anyone who can afford them no matter what the age

GIVENCHY-As of this season I am now a believer...........Mr. Tisci presented a graphic well conceived collection of Givenchy...he has single handedly transformed the DNA of this famed brand from the demure lady to the "hot chick" of the 21 st century ...........and this is no easy task . The collection is undoubtedly young -unquestionably sexy and shows off the many talents of its designer

UNGARO -for its premier collection , with new designer and new creative advisor, the long famed house should hide its head in shame for allowing such a tasteless and pedestrian display..........I mean really ..........pasties!!!! Short skirts and obvious odes to sexiness don't play here when the house was once known for the seductive qualities that the clothes had....Some sage pointed out that the only reason the designer got the job is that she was willing to play second fiddle to the drug addled --washed up at 23 starlet who was named "creative advisor" which is an insult to anyone in this for the owner who didn't want to spend on a named designer and chose this route..I say ---YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR

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