Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Art of The Glove ......Daniel Storto

One can find art in many areas of fashion, but it is rare than one can find a master of his art in any industry. I have been lucky enough to find such a master and he is in the unlikely business of GLOVES!! Gloves have long been regarded as either utilitarian, theatrical and even possibly a prop which when added to achieve a more compelling image of glamour or aristocracy.

I can think of very few in the fashion business who were considered to be masters of their art. Charles James for the elaborately constructed gowns, Geoffrey Beene for his deceptively simple designs, and possibly Christian Lacroix who elevated the art of the Haute Couture to dizzying heights of perfection. What is curious about these men is their single-minded vision to take their creations to new standards of perfection. Each of the designers lacked a desire to bend to the dictates of any commercial enterprise – each product was conceived from passion and not commercial marketability.

Enter Daniel Storto who took the knowledge bestowed upon him by his Grandfather and turned it into an art form and a passion, the vehicle he uses to convey his art is THE GLOVE. What one can find truly ironic is that the master glove maker resides in Gloversville New York, once the epicenter for glove making in the country.

Mr. Storto has been called in to confer on exhibitions for The Metropolitan Museum of Art, create for the late Alexander McQueen, use his craft to enhance the already theatrical creations of Bob Mackie but he saves his love of his art for his private treasure, the “Hand Bag.” The is an ode to his art…..a one of a kind,totally handmade, hand stitched creation which is constructed from the finest Italian leather and will be sold with one leather glove to match. There is no greater luxe than an item such as this; it is an ultimate expression from an artist who has perfected his craft beyond any expectation.

As further proof of his devotion to his craft, he is working on restoring a space in Gloversville that he will turn into the only museum in the world that will be devoted to the art of the glove.

You need to expand your knowledge by visiting his web site http://www.danielstorto.com/ . Feel free to click on any of the images in this posting for an enlarged view…… The photos are courtesy of Stephen Piersanti and Mr. Storto.

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