Monday, July 19, 2010

FASHION BY THE RULES: Louis Marione/ Dominic Louis

The designer is Louis Marione. The company is Dominic Louis. You will need to remember them both. During these times, I must be unconsciously preoccupied with the darker, more occult, and more vampirish aspects of fashion. This week there is this androgynous and dark collection which is equal parts Rick Owens, Tom of Finland, Herb Ritts and homoeroticism. Mr. Marione has his own take on the way the newest generation of hipsters will clothe themselves for their every day lives.

Of course, there is black. Whether it is in stretch leather or fringed gauntlets or knit tops, there is no mistaking that the color plays an integral part of what this collection is all about and all it conjures visually. The clothes are for the confident and the passionate and not for the faint of heart or for wall flowers. There is modern technology, exotic materials and bravado of design which all give the wearer a strength and power that is not found ………let’s just say Ralph Lauren.

There is a great emotional component involved when purchasing an item from this collection. The future owner will want this to be a part of their being and not just their wardrobe……….in some way, the possessor will be identified with the item for years to come. Mr. Marione will engender great loyalty amongst his clients, who like him, are young, creative, hip and part of the night life scene of New York City.

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Photos are courtesy of the designer.

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