Thursday, July 29, 2010


I think that necklaces should be the center of attention for any fashion savvy woman. When I was Vice president of Miriam Haskell, during the 1990’s, it was always a pleasure to start a new collection or grouping, as inevitably, that always started with a necklace. This accessory can be the one stop finishing touch to so many outfits and now that a new season is finally arriving, I thought this is the right time o focus on necklaces.

With my usual researching, I was able to find so many alternatives, but I just wanted to highlight the most special pieces. The torsade, which is a multi strand twist necklace, seems to be one of the most popular styles as it says the most, without a lot of effort. Even in the Fall 2010 collections, this closer to the neck design, remains an important accessory. Always keep in mind that when you stick to the metallics, such as gold. Silver, gunmetal or pearls they are seasonless and always in style.

One word of caution, do not gild the lily. You must decide where the focus should be ………..meaning do NOT think you can wear big earrings, big necklace and big bracelets and that this will be fine ----nuh uh ………….it is one of them and not all 3.

In the category of accessories, it is easy to find a lot of bang for your buck and no better place than here in this selection. It doesn’t matter if you are a department store shopper, or a habituĂ© of QVC or even a regular at a discounter, there is ample selection everywhere and a more than ample amount of price points. Spend some time finding what suits you best because there is no better finishing touch than a piece of jewelry whether it be fashion or fine.

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And when searching online do not forget to visit Shopbop, Shopstyle, Netaporter, Topshop, QVC, as I did for the photos from this article