Monday, July 12, 2010


That would be Chris Habana and his eponymous collection of jewelry and accessories. Mr. Habana cannot be more au courant in this day and age of vampires and Eclipse and Robert Pattinson. The “CHRISHABANA” collection encompasses the designer’s fascination with the occult as well as pop icons. His collections are “products of the constant battle in my head between doing what I want to do and doing what I think I should do. It is always an interesting battle, and I’m always surprised by what wins.”

For 2010, there is all the familiar iconography of his collections and then there are some new silhouettes like the choker or the fact that the usual iconography has been enhanced and magnified.. All the pieces take on a weathered or almost distressed appearance whether they are plated in gunmetal or aged rose gold. Do not be fooled as Chris has been designing, in his own business, for almost 10 years and he is fluent utilizing the vocabulary of his craft.

His works has been featured all over the world and is coveted by those who count among the most style savvy worldwide. So start thinking as they do….punk, spikes, crosses, nails, cages and dark.

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Photos courtesy of MAO PR and Chris Habana

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