Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Iconic & Legendary ... VERDURA

Yesterday, I was privileged to be permitted to visit with the one of the greatest and most legendary purveyors of fashion and style of the 20th century.  I speak of Verdura whose name and founders are synonymous with some of the greatest style icons of fashion as well as Hollywood’s and “society’s grand dames.”  For the uninitiated, Verdura is the iconic jeweler who will forever be remembered as the “maker” and designer of Mademoiselle Chanel’s Maltese  cross cuffs, which by the way, I got to  hold in my hands as Mr. Landrigan (CEO) was kind of enough to retrieve them from the vault.

Besides, Mme. Chanel, Duke Fulco di Verdura was more than acquainted with the likes of Diana V., Greta G., Babe P., Marlene D., the Porters, a few Astors, a Hepburn, and countless other luminaries who remained loyal clients during their lifetimes.  Many of the original designs that once belonged to these ladies are still available provided that you shop at the salon above Fifth Avenue in NYC or at one of rare points of sale worldwide.

Lest I forget to mention the Duchess of Windsor, Mona Bismarck and Millicent Rogers; if none of these names are familiar to you; you can just be awed by the genius of the design that goes into every design and the exquisite pieces that are still turned out by “the jeweler to the stars.”

As Mr. Landrigan said “our jewelry is like art for the body” and I must say it is the equivalent of owing any Monet or Picasso as they are all meant to be treasured in much the same ways.

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