Monday, November 26, 2012


The Harbingers of Design…  week 2

This series will spotlight global innovators who are original, known, lesser known and some perchance even already highly regarded and respected within their areas of expertise.  The common thread is style and fashion; whether it takes its form in interiors, apparel, accessories, retail, photography or any of the related professions that surround fashion and style.  Please note that some of my “cast members ” have chosen to follow a path than includes utilizing the “tools” of the past thereby rendering a new and modern vision for today’s climate of fashion and style. These “createurs” are at the vanguard of design and style … in my opinion … and so I will introduce them to you on an international stage starting today .

Let’s talk fashion, today we speak of fashion in its truest form... clothing.  This might seems a bit of an understatement when  we speak of clothing is haute couture, in the sense of made to measure, and by hand and then we speak of ready to wear and yes you are all familiar with that term … as an FYI , don’t think Calvin Klein!

What or who you might not be familiar with is today’s Harbinger of Design; his name is Lloyd Klein.  All facets of this designer’s world are available at his eponymous shop in Los Angeles which houses the universe that is Lloyd Klein.  The clothes range from languid to razor sharp and from demure to cutting edge and from the dramatic to the demure.   One is palpably taken by the influences of Ferre, St. Laurent and Gres.  Yet when the influences and inspirations are mixed into the Klein cocktail” the result is decidedly distinctive but these are pieces that are not the clothes of uninformed or wishy washy.  We are talking bold, we are talking statement, we are talking stand out and most of all we are speaking about clothes that are crafted and created in ways that are usually found in Paris rather than in Los Angeles.

The question you have to ask yourself is … can you handle it?

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