Saturday, May 13, 2017

meet Vitalii Pleshkov.. the man who defied the odds

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Today’s world of fashion is filled with misguided and ill-conceived notions and standards for everything from what is considered stylish and fashionable to whom and what is runway or print ready. We have reached this sort of interchangeability in both clothing and who models or promotes it. When I first met Vitalii I was instantly drawn to this man by his perseverance, yes of course by his looks, his carriage and demeanor. There was a kindness that was palpable and I had the feeling that this is a guy who will defy the odds. P.S. yes he exudes sensuality that so many of his so called peers seem to lack!
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And so while there are models by the truckloads who think they are models because they stand in front of a camera and have tens of thousands of Instagram followers, then there is this guy. Vitalii is the face of a brand, he has done numerous commercials and print ads and yes he has been paid for his work while the others can boast followers and he can boast a career despite the road blocks. 
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