Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Jonathan Cannaux ... the MANDRAWN interview

When doing these interviews, sometimes they come about after a very first meeting and such is the case here with Jonathan Cannaux. Selecting a subject is a roll of the dice as you just never know whether or not that person will react and respond in an engaging way. Jonathan is one of those surprises that upon meeting, I was amazed to see that the photographic images don’t begin to capture the real person who was sitting beside me. He speaks with great candor and is self-effacing in the most charming of ways.

That said, and by no means is this negative, Jonathan is warm, almost boyish with incredible eyes and well ... the French accent doesn’t hurt at all. What the camera captures is the professional in him, he plays to the camera and camera captures the model/actor in him ….  He is captivatingly handsome with the requisite flawless body, million dollar smile and the perfect subject of any photograph without being just another face in the crowd.

As if that isn’t enough, you will read that he is a man of determination and great charisma with a great sense of reality. He is genuine, intelligent, endearing and well ... it all just adds to his allure plus the fact that quite simply said ... the camera loves him. It is my privilege and honor to introduce you to him and to offer you the chance to meet a credit to his craft as well as someone I can now call my friend.

FOR THE FULL INTERVIEW CLICK THE LINK     http://mandrawn.com/jonathan-cannaux-interview-j-felner/

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