Wednesday, March 24, 2021

TRENDS according to WWD for fall 2021

 If one can even fathom that any of these are the trends,  it is conceivable that WWD has some inside information that no one else might have like who is rushing out to  buy any of this in the long awaited post  pandemic period? Does some one at WWD know when this world wide plague will  end.. I  highly doubt  women will be busting  doors down to get to any of this!

                                                                           click image to enlarge

To the experienced and educated "eye" this is nothing more than the emperor's new  clothes as well as an insult to those who spend their lives trying to create beautiful apparel that women will lust for!

John Fairchild ... where are you when we need  you most to call a spade a spade!

WWD, you should be ashamed ................ very ashamed

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  1. Well, John Fairchild is dead. But this could make his grave turn over.