Wednesday, October 6, 2021

SPRING 2022... Lessons learned

After 4 major fashion capitals paraded their designers’ newest creations, I thought I’d share what I learned after a seemingly more arduous and lengthier season of the fashion cycle:

·       Designers should not speak as their words rarely make sense with the work they present and if that isn’t bad enough, they get lost in their own pseudo intellectual jibber jabber. The best idea would be to shut up and just let the clothes do the talking!

·       Apparently, most designers seem to think or make believe that this pandemic is over and things shall return as they were ... of course that would be a gross inaccuracy as this pandemic state, while not as severe as it was, is still with us and things will NOT go back to life as we once knew it. Hence showing clothes as if it was just another spring season doesn’t cut it unless one is in complete denial.

·       Reviewers should be forced to offer an opinion and not speak of venues, front rows, inspirations and influencers.  What ever happened to wearability, salability, fit, merchantability and appeal?

·       Heritage brands only exist in name (for the majority) these days as so many designers seem to think they use the archive but if that’s the case how come the clothes, they design have no recognizable signature linked to that brand?

·       Then we come to the definition or how does one design sexy without the obvious nudity, sheerness, second skin dresses, tits and ass?  Apparently, it is defined only at its most base level by the vast majority of designers the world over.

·       Make no mistake there must have been a memo sent to each designer that it would be in their best interest to show bare midriffs, bra tops or bandeaus and my question when, if ever, did you see or will you see women who can afford these collections baring those particular areas of their body during daytime hours or for that matter in the evening and we are not talking at the beach?

·       Since politically correct and politics have entered into the fashion world, I would like to know what is attractive about squeezing a token size 14-16 or 18 into a size 10 dress so that she looks like a sausage in a weenie skin? Are we supposed to think that this is fashionable or that larger women have no mirrors in their homes and lastly how many of these collections ever cut above a size 12 for production?

·       Models have become wind up robots who walk a straight line and exit ... no emotion, no extra bodily movement and absolutely never a smile... in fact they look miserable in the clothes they are wearing. While on the subject, what has happened to perfectly groomed models with make-up and perfect hair as that too has fallen by the wayside. Last aspect is staging which is haphazard at best... day clothes with evening clothes with clothes of no discernible reason.

·       The last issue I will address is shoes... so many look at though they are wearing boxes or books on their feet and if not, then skyscraper stilettos that hurt just looking at them.

I could keep going but think I will end it here and you can add to the list if you are so inclined...feel free!

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