Wednesday, November 30, 2016

meet PEDRO BOREGAARD .. the jeweler's jeweler

Well, that time of year is upon us once again and there is no better gift than one that can be treasured, worn and turned into an heirloom to be passed on as part of one’s legacy or foot print, if you will. Of course I speak of  jewelry, of the “precious” variety,  which speaks to your individuality, personality and most of all to your style.

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Pedro Boregaard offers you a selection of jewelry that sets him and you apart from the flock; he is above all a designer’s designer. If you are looking for pieces that might resemble the grandiosity of a Cartier or a large gemstone creation from Harry Winston, well then, nothing to see here BUT if you want statement making pieces that are flawlessly designed  and executed in the tradition of the heritage brands ... well then step right up. 
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From Tahitian pearls to tourmalines, from stainless steel to sterling silver and of course yellow, white and rose gold; this designer uses them all. He combines the most modern of design with the workmanship of the masters to render jewels that are to covet and lust for. 
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Boregaard runs the gamut from rings, bracelets, necklaces to belts and one of a kind gew gaws that would be hard to find anywhere else within the sphere of fine jewelry. If you know Hemmerle and who doesn’t know Tiffany, but those were the brands where this brilliant designer cut his teeth and gave him the esthetic he has honed and developed during his decade’s long career. 
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The only caveat is that he located in Narrowsburg New York and not on Madison Avenue but he can be viewed on his website and you can be assured that what you see is what you get! .. Or its possibly time for a road trip to visit him in his eponymous shop where I’m sure there is even more than what is available on the site
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So now in his own words... Pedro Boregaard...

What was the path you took to arrive to where you are today? Missteps or if you would change anything?

“No, I would not change anything.  I always followed my gut first and did the thinking afterwards. Sometimes I was shocked about my own decisions but it seems whatever I decided, whatever path I took served me well in the end.”

Can you speak to the topic of inspiration and your “inner drive?”

Yes, one can speak of an inner drive. A psychic once told me “you can’t leave anything alone, not change it or use it in ways nobody did before or trying to improve it. That sums it up. Inspiration can be anything; I find the difficult part is the editing of these ideas. What in the end one really wants to do. Than having sorted that out I begin to chisel away everything unnecessary. I guess the art is to know when and where to stop. Some pieces I can visualize so perfectly that I almost loose interest to do them. Others I have to draw or just start working on wax or metal until it reveals itself. That is by far more interesting. Than after finishing it I in general have lost completely the ability to judge it. I put it away for some time and then looking at it later I am surprised I created it.
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Let’s talk about your present situation and can you tell us what your end goal is here?

I wished I knew. Somebody asked me in the store the other day: how did you end up here in Narrowsburg. I knew what he meant but I said, how do you know I end up here? Still, I do have plans. Presently I am trying to reduce my whole operation, inventory etc. keep the store but come to the point that I can do what I want when I want. God knows I might have more work than ever but it should be (as long as health allows it) completely at my leisure. At least that is what I am hoping for.

If you could invite any 5 people top dinner who would they be and why?

That is difficult. The people who come to mind first, are all dead. -- Gene Moore comes to mind who was a close friend and helped me a lot at Tiffany’s --Julius Cohen (of Madison Ave.) my mentor after I left Tiffany and who helped me to open my first workshop at 48 W 48th Street. Rea Lubar my fabulous PR lady. You might even know her or of her. She put Hermes on the map in NY, Perry Ellis, Velcro (lol (etc. ---Christiane Zimmer the daughter of Hugo von Hofmannsthal and her welcoming house on Commerce Street full of the literary world…to mention some. Well, times past. Actually I would love to have some dinner or lunch with you! I always enjoy your posts on FB and I am sure it would be a joy to talk to you with your immense knowledge of and insight into the fashion world as starters. Plus we lived both in the same city during a very exiting period. I guess there are lots of notes to compare.
There are of course people, younger people, young people I love and admire because of their beauty or accomplishments and talents in whatever field but I grew up in a very artsy and liberal milieu in Munich not only through my Mothers connection to the theatre but also through my guardian who was the director of the Munich Opera and beauty, fame and fortune never impressed me (at least not for long) and people are in the end people. So these days I rather admire them and what they do best from a distance than have that wonderful picture I have of them tarnished. …and then I could be terribly wrong.  I guess I am getting old.
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If there was such a thing as a dream collaborator or collaboration, who or what would it be and why?

There never was. I left Germany, I left England I started my own business, I always lived on my own because I followed as they say my own drum.  I work well with people. My employees always stayed for many years but I always had strong ideas what I wanted and needed always a lot of freedom.  So the idea didn’t come up nor did anybody ask me.


  1. Where can I get the pearl and cognac colored brillants earrings? As the ones in the picture above .